b-neuro provides the following services

Behavioural Tests

We offer a range of behavioural tasks offering translational validity for probing different cognitive domains.

Biomarker Analysis

We routinely collect post-mortem samples (e.g. brain and blood) for ex vivo analysis to assess the effect of compounds on relevant biomarkers to understand mechanisms underlying efficacy in the model.


Academic Collaboration

Our core values and commitments:

In addition to the screening and characterisation of behavioural and biochemical effects of test agents in cognitive models, b-neuro engages in collaborative research with its partners.

b-neuro will apply its know-how and experience to help generate knowledge and answer specific scientific questions of interest to the client.

We operate in an academic environment, and train MSc and PhD students for pharmaceutical companies, NHS and academia.


Additional Services

We also provide:

  • Expert consultation
  • Representation at scientific meetings
  • Training for technical personnel
  • Publication of key findings with collaborators