Dr Jennifer Fletcher

Jen recently completed her PhD under the supervision of Professor Harte. Her thesis,Utilising preclinical models to investigate underlying mechanisms and treatment strategies for cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, aimed to understand the mechanisms underlying the cognitive impairment observed in preclinical models relevant to schizophrenia.

She predominantly focused on the scPCP model, where she was interested in how scPCP treatment resulted in sustained behavioural and neuropathological impairments months after PCP exposure. After characterising chronically altered systems, Jen used pharmacological and environmental interventions to investigate their effects on behavioural and molecular deficits. Jen also worked on the maternal immune activation model, identifying points of convergence and divergence between the two models, with a particular focus on parvalbumin interneurons and their perineuronal nets.

Jen works as a Research Associate at b-neuro, where she utilises her expertise and knowledge of immunohistochemistry, simple Western analysis, plate-based assays and qPCR to lead b-neuro’s ex vivo projects.